Ceramic, silicon and carbon combine in this original range to ensure comfort, lightness and efficiency for your kitchen cutting jobs. The hardest material after diamond, the Zuny ceramic blade guarantees a unique and durable cutting quality. Ceramics allows developing a blade that will not rust and is not afraid of corrosion: This ensures that your food flavour is never altered.The Zuny ceramic carbon blade knives offer a unique finish and and increased hardness. Its "mirror" reflections bring a real touch of elegance to your knives. In order to provide you with a unique product, the Zuny knife design is protected (Design Patent WIPO4473). The range is comprehensive and offers a colourful collection!

The Stream TOUCH waste container comes in brushed stainless steel finish, but is also available in bright colours and full of freshness. The Stream Auto version includes, for greater comfort, an infrared cell that automatically opens and closes by simply passing your hand over the cover.All Zuny waste containers have 2 bag separators (Patent 10/04552) for easy management of waste sorting. The design of the Zuny STREAM waste container is deposited (Design Patent 075,217) and each container is numbered: what you guaranteed to have a unique product that meets the requirements of our brand. Zuny waste containers are guaranteed for 10 years.





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Head office : Regus Lille Europe 253, boulevard de Leeds Euralille 59777 Lille France Bureaux et showroom / Office and showroom : Z.I. Tournai Ouest2, 9, rue des sablieres Batiment 2B 7522 Blandain - Belgique Tél : 0032 69857810 Fax : 0032 69857811


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About Zuny

Zuny imagine for you strong character products: shapes, colors, materials, nothing is ever left to chance. Zuny creations are unique models with original design. Ceramics, silicon and carbon are innovative materials that have been selected for there specificities and unique properties.Challenging conventional wisdom, make your life easier and colorful, while still being more demanding about quality: here is our philosophy.